Casino Terminology

Have you ever wondered what these strange words used inside online casinos are and what they mean? Although we cannot provide you the entire list, here are a few of the words most commonly used.


In poker tournaments which are classified as re-buy tournaments, players will add-on more money to their bankroll.


In poker, moving all your chips in on the wager is going all-in with all of your money on the call or raise.


In poker and other table games, the amount of money wagered at the start of the game.


The casino player who plays craps and can control the outcome of the dice is said to be the arm.


This game is called Punto Banco by some players. The game is a card game where players bet on the player, the banker or a tie hand.


The dealer in table games.


Amount of money a player has budgeted for their gambling fun.


How much the player is wagering is called a bet.

Betting Limits

Table limits are called betting limits. Betting limits are minimum and maximum bets allowed at the table.


The forced bet in poker’s game of Texas Hold’em.


To Raise

Burn Cards

Cards the dealer burns before starting the deal.


The pre-determined amount of money required to buy-in at any table.


In order to stay in the game of poker, you have to match the current bet played with a call.

Card Counting

Ken Uston made this little trick famous. There’s a way to count cards which can determine the probable outcome in blackjack. Card counting is varied and players can count an entire shoe or they can simply count fives and aces.

Casino Advantage

House Edge the casino has over the players of the game which is usually calculated by a certain percentage.


Casino’s answer to money so players don’t view their money in cash, but instead only see chips on the table.


A player on a losing streak or a cold table means everyone (for the most part) appears to be losing.

Color Up

Exchanging smaller chips for larger denomination chips is called coloring up and is usually done at the end of a gaming session.


Casino freebies


A casino table game which involves shooting two dice and players winning big money or going for broke unless they have some money management control; craps is a fast-paced game.


The dealer of a roulette or baccarat game is called a croupier.

Cut Card

The plastic card used to cut the cards fairly.


When the cards are dealt to the player, it is called the deal.


The “2” card.


The two little box-like cubes used in sic-bo and craps

Doubling Down

A blackjack betting option usually only offered on 9, 10, and 11 in standard variation games of blackjack.

Down Card

The card dealt face down which you can not see the value of at the time.


Many different meanings for poker is said to be the draw. The most common use of the word is when you “draw” cards in the game and you can be “drawing” on a straight which means you need to draw a card to complete your straight.


An advantage over an opponent or the house’s advantage over you.


The software used to keep money transfers safe online.

Even Money Bet

A wager which pays players even money means the bet pays 1 to 1

Eye in the Sky

Surveillance cameras in the casino

Face Card

Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces

Fifth Street

In seven card stud, the third round of betting.


In cards, an easy player to beat.


The first three community cards dealt in Texas Hold’em.

Fourth Street

In seven card stud, the second round of betting.


The cards you are dealt become your hand.

Hard way Bet

Betting on the hard ways in craps means you place a bet for the dice to be thrown with matching faces. There are 4 ways this can happen. Fives, fours, threes and twos.

High Roller

Someone who spends a lot of money in the casinos.

Hole Card

The facedown card of the dealer in blackjack.


A player who is untouchable by the casino because of their winning streak or a “hot” table is a table which is paying off for the players.

House Edge

This is the casino’s advantage over players.

Inside Bets

In roulette, bets on the numbers inside on the board. The inside bets can be any inside bet combination.


A bet for dummies in blackjack.


Large or the largest payout on a slot machine


Commission added for the house. Often used in sportsbetting more than anything else.


Usually a high card in poker which makes the hand a winning hand.


Slots which are paying out.


A betting strategy which encourages players to double up after a loss.

Maximum Bet

The most you can bet on any one hand.


A dealer’s blackjack.

Negative Expectation Game

A game which is expected to give the player a loss each and every hour they play because the house’s edge is so high.

Net Winnings

Total winnings after you take out the amount of money you risked.


What the chance is you will win.


The line which indicates where the reels must stop for a player to win on a slot machine.


The amount a player is paid out.


A player who doesn’t know how to play the games they play.


Where the employees of the casino gather to talk and rate players!

Pit Boss

The boss of the employees who are standing in the pit rating the players!


In craps, the point is the number rolled first which is what the player must roll again before the number 7 appears.


A card game with great history.


The money wagered on each hand in poker which the winning player of each hand will win.


To add to your wager.


A progressive machine is a slot machine with a large jackpot. The jackpot increases as the machine is played.


A tie hand.


Four of a kind in poker.


The house commission.


A player who turns in a player’s card is rated and this is a system which is used to help the casino decide how much RFB they receive.


In casino comps, this means room, food, board


Time spent at the table or playing.

Seventh Street

In Seven card stud, the fifth and final round of betting.


A skilled player.


A player who plays in the game for the house.


The shoe is what holds the cards for the dealer. It is usually a plastic or wooden box which sets on the table.


In poker, the last hand, if any players are left to the end, they all must show their hands in a showdown.

Sixth Street

In seven card stud, the fourth round of betting.


A dollar.

Snake Eyes

On the dice, when one shows up on each dice for a total of two is called snake eyes in craps.

Soft Hand

A hand in blackjack where an ace is calculated as one or an eleven.


A hand in blackjack which could be a bust hand if dealt one more card.


To forfeit half your bet to protect your bankroll from further loss.

Tapped Out

Busted, broke, out of money.


Poker players who are dealt a bad beat hand are said to go on tilt after the bad beat trying to make up for lost hands won and salvage their playing position.

Third Street

In seven card stud, the first round of betting.


Three cards ranked the same, three of a kind.


Same as a whale, very important person to the casino.


The money you bet.


High rollers bet £100 hands, whales bet thousands per hand.

White Meat

When you are in the profit.

Wild Royal Flush

A royal flush which is only accomplished by the wild cards.